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Food in Gothenburg (and where to drink my coffee)

14 juni 2015

SCAE:s annual fair World of Coffee is coming to Göteborg in a couple of days, and maybe you are too. I hope you will enjoy our city if you do! We all want coffee, but sometimes we also need food. Therefore I feel the obligation, as a local, to give you a list of places. As it happens, all the places mentioned also serve my coffee. Go figure.

My smallest, but also my best, customer by far is Hoze. He serves omakase, have six seats and have one sitting at 7pm. Hoze is the best fish restaurant in Sweden according to White Guide. If you want a piece of this you should book a seat asap.

José who owns Hoze is also the brain behind the meny of Bifångst, a restaurant in a restaurant. Bifångst serve modern, Nordic seafood with inspiration from the Swedish west coast and Japan. Bookings only, give them a call!

If fish is not your style you can head to Folk  where a modern vegetarian menu accompanied with some natural wine will keep your senses occupied. Folk is also a good place for people watching or a cold beer in the sun.

Another vegetarian and very affordable option is Hagabions café. The people behind Hagabion also have a brewery and if you are thirsty for some craft beer and people watching you have come to the right place.

Craft beer, and sourdough pizza is also the thing at Brewers Beer Bar. They have 16 taps with beers you never herd of from mostly Swedish breweries and the toppings on the pizza is not what you usually see.

Open New Doors serve rawfood and craftbeer on Tyska Bron, a bridge between , and opened in Göteborg last week. Erika Frost is super creative and the things she makes are just as good in looks as in taste – as you can see on her instagram feed. Open New Doors is a great place for fika, food or a beer in the sun.

Rawfood is to new for you? Head to Burgersson. They make tasty tasty burgers with meat from local farms. It can’t go wrong.

Another classic option of the more Italian style is Trattoria La Strega. You will find by far the best risotto in Göteborg, a great selection of wines and a welcoming feeling in this family owned restaurant.

Since you are in Sweden you should try some modern husmanskost at Forssén&Öberg. Oh, and this is a champagne bar.

Closest neighbour to the champagne is Kale’i kaffebar. Some say this is the best coffee bar in Göteborg, who am I to judge? Head here earlier in the day, say for breakfast, lunch or for fika. Elin makes bread, cakes and goodies on site and servers a range of coffees on Kalita.

Another place for fika or lunch is Two Little Birds on hip Andra Långgatan. Vegerarian, organic and friendly food and drinks are served here. Also, there is a gallery in the café for some culture to your coffee.

Of the beaten track is Llama Lloyd. Get away from the city and hang out with the locals on the island Hisingen. Head here for some homemade cookies and filter coffee and maybe a game of chess with Robin.

If you feel like staying closer to the fair you can head up to Viktors Kaffe. Sit in the bar, talk to Viktor and his crew and grab a light lunch or a snack with your coffee.

If you rather drink your coffee at home, you can buy a bag of beans from me at Kaffemaskinen on Landsvägsgatan 15 or on Kaffepåsen on Odinsplatsen.

And last but not least, you can meet me and have my coffee in the Village on the fair. See you there!

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