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I got myself a roastery

27 december 2012

kafferostarePerNordbyI have started my own roastery in Goteborg, Sweden. I want to bring the best coffee possible to those of you who care about what you drink and those of you who look for a better coffee experience. And I want to have fun doing it.

Coffee is supposed to taste good. That is why I let the flavour guide me when I choose my beans. You need good raw material to get a tasty coffee. That is why I work as directly as possible with proud producers who share my passion for coffee and who knows their craft and always strive to improve their product.

A farmer’s passion has nothing to do with the coffee cup. A farmer’s passion has to do with the berry, the bush, the dirt on the ground, the farm and the family. Only farmers who care for the environment they work in and the people they work with are able to produce a good and sustainable crop. I believe good coffee only comes from good conditions. Direct trade and a transparent value chain have long-term benefits that can not be replaced by a certificate nor a brand. The pride in the eyes of the producer cannot be valued in money.

Coffee has a great flavour potential. The flavours come from the bean and not from the roasting. The challenge for me as a roaster is to emphasize and develop the aromas in the bean that make every coffee unique. I will not change the character of the coffees or add new flavours in the roast process. The journey from field to fika is long and hard. I want the producer’s craftsmanship to be present in the cup to give you a greater treat when you drink it.

Wanna play?
I wish to supply restaurants and cafés who care about what they serve with the beans they deserve. I want to bring coffee to every office who care about their staff and give them a better coffee break. I have bags for shops who offer tasty treats in a good looking package. No matter how you work with coffee, I want to work with those of you who share my passion.

The first batches have already been roasted and brewed. Yes, it does taste good. If you are interested in good coffee roasted by me, drop me a line at earlybird@pernordby.com

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